This is an exciting year when I will join the following three residencies in the US.

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Touring Artist residency at Island Institute, Sitka, Alaska, USA, in April 2016.

I will spend a month traveling in a ferry with three other artists/writers under the thematic residency of climate change. The plan is to conduct performances and workshops around the work Polluta. How would this work (whose nuance relies so much on a Chinese cultural and political fluency?) resonate with the small communities in rural Alaska?

Artist residency at Art Omi International Arts Centre, New York State, USA, in June-July 2016.

In mid June, I will spend a month in upstate New York at Art Omi. What excited me beyond words was when a staff wrote to me, “We don’t require a proposal. We ask our participants to be open-minded to the synergy with other participants.” This is the exact nurturing hotbed I need now, carving out my path as an artist.

I am also pleased to have been awarded the Cecily Brown Fellowship, a fellowship assigned by the jury to an outstanding woman artist in the pool of applicants.

Artist residency at 18th Art Center, Santa Monica, USA, in 2016. Time to be confirmed.

At 18th Street Art Center, I hope to explore, reflect and create upon a captivating story I recently heard, the tragedy of the Salton Sea. I would like to collaborate with the Salton Sea History Museum and work with their archives to create a pop-up museum of the Salton Sea. At the exhibition, I will also propose and illustrate improbable but not impossible solutions to the problems and ask the visitors to vote.

Instructional School Residency with Nootka Fine Arts Elementary School,
Vancouver, Canada. May-June 2016

In May/June 2016, I will conduct a two-week residency with Nootka Fine Arts Elementary School, Vancouver, Canada. During the two weeks, we will study the impact of marine plastic pollution and the ubiquitous presence of plastic in our food and food packaging. Then we will design and produce plastic snacks (as in telephone pole hotdogs or lifesaver donuts) with waste products the school has collected over the months. The final design drawings and plastic snacks will be shown as a work of relational aesthetics.

Canal Street Public Art Project with Art Together


The video of the performance is up!


I was one of the invited artists to create an illustration or comic on history of Causeway Bay to engage in public dialogue. Causeway Bay has more shopping than Shibuya. Its rent higher than Fifth Avenue. I will make a piece that features the endearing anecdote of a penguin that used to be a regular on Paterson Street.
Work on site.

Work on site.

1962 VS 2015

1962 VS 2015

Opening Ceremony: 2pm, 6 December 2015 (Sunday)
Exhibition Period: 5 December 2015 – 29 February 2016
Venue: Canal Road, Wan Chai (Goose Neck Bridge, nearby Tang Lung Street)



What do you associate Paterson Street with? Designer shops? Fine Dining? Luggages-on-the-go? Fifty years ago, this street used to be a bustling shipping dock of coolies and warehouses. There, a penguin used to have its daily stroll around four in the afternoon. Travel in time. See if you are lucky enough to spot the penguin on its daily stroll on Sunday 6 December.

Video documentation from performance of Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky.
Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Baptist University. 13 November, 2015.

Michelle Kuen Suet Fung 馮捲雪

Animals and their relationships with humans are a long recurring thread in her works.